V at XV: Neal Morse’s Prophetic Art

Excellent look back at one of my favorites. Even though Neal was still a few years away from his Christian music career, you can hear the seeds in the lyrics here, and can almost feel how badly he wanted to tell the world about his beliefs. The impact of the first Transatlantic album’s writing can be clearly heard on this album, which is a marked departure from the previous four Spock’s Beard albums.


Retrospective on Spock’s Beard, V (Metal Blade/Radiant, 2000).  Produced by Neal Morse and Spock’s Beard.  Tracks: At the End of the Day; Revelation; Thoughts (Part II); All on a Sunday; Goodbye to Yesterday; and The Great Nothing.

All tracks written by Neal Morse except Thoughts (Part II), written by the Morse brothers; and Revelation, written by the Morse brothers, NDV, and Okumoto.

Even the cover is brilliant, foreshadowing Neal Morse's forthcoming moment at Damascus.  Even the cover is brilliant, foreshadowing Neal Morse’s forthcoming moment at Damascus.

I was haunted continually by the cruel irony of it all; I had a gift to give to the world, but no recipient to pass it on to.

–Neal Morse, TESTIMONY (the book)

Two days ago, I posted my reflections on hearing Transatlantic’s SMPTe for the first time.  I treasure those memories.  At the time, I’d only been married about a year and half, I already had a one-year old son, and my wife was VERY pregnant…

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